Easy quick loan application

Applying with us is simple, safe fast and confidential.

Applying for an instant cash loan, fast cash loans nz or instant loans is very simple, safe and confidential with Simple Cash. For applying a loan you can use our two different processes – either via online or via mobile (for first time customer), by sending text message (for existing customer) – to calculate about your loan amount use our Loan calculator. By the use of sliders you decide that how much cash you need and for how many days you need it for.

Once you’re happy with everything, simply fill the personal details and follow the steps. And from there onwards we will take care of the rest. After receiving your loan application we will check the credit history of the customer including bad credits. On success of your loan application we will send you a text message with approved loan amount, and after getting you straight-forward “YES” confirmation via text we will transfer you an agreed loan amount in your nominated bank with a unique PIN number. On failure of your loan application we send a text message to inform you about declination. 

First Time Customers


Video - Process with TEXT LOAN 

(No Employer Contact)
(Zero Interest & No Fees on Your First Loan for a good credit record holder only)

Existing Customers:

Re-applying for a quick cash loans process is very fast. Using your dedicated PIN number you can re-apply for a loan by sending us a TXT message by using your mobile number. This means our process is simpler than first time you apply for a loan to us. 

When you can apply for a loan at My Account and via Mobile, you must accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy as you have agreed on your previous loan application. We send a promotional loan offer by email and SMs TXT message. However, this does not mean your loan application shall be approved automatically as per to your loan request. We will access your loan application, based on your previous loan history and our lending criteria.

Simply text a word LOAN SPACE then AMOUNT you need without $ SPACE Number of DAYS you need it for SPACE your dedicated PIN and send us to 8778.

Example text: LOAN 1000 45 12345

If you have lost the PIN, you can always contact us back and we will reissue it to you in a minute.

We will then follow our assessment process. When your loan application is successful, we will send you either an approved confirmation message or our proposed loan amount by TXT. After getting your reply back to us with the confirmation of YES to 8778, we will immediately transfer the loan amount to your nominated bank account.

If you have any queries with you, do not hesitate to contact our dedicated New Zealand based Customer Service Team available on hand to answer queries you may have.