Instant, Same Day, Quick and Fast Payday Advance Online NZ to Your Payday

Applying for an simple, quick, fast  and instant payday advance online NZ to your pay day?  Simple Cash provides  the same day cleared, instant, quick and fast payday advance online NZ to your payday - in as little as 4 minutes (with an amazing loan process speed).

A payday advance application can be sent in two simple and confidential ways: either online  (first-time & existing customers) or sending a TXT message (existing customers only).

Your first same-day cleared, quick, fast, instant payday advance online is completely confidential and free: (a) Zero interest and no fees ( with a good credit history holder only). (b) No contact with your employer!  (c)  We even  welcome Bad Credits- No problem!

The same day cleared, fast, quick and instant payday advance online NZ is transferred to your bank account within a few minutes after receiving a “YES” confirmation via TXT message or  by replying to our email. The same day cleared funds are only transferred during Simple Cash business hours - MON to FRI 9:00am to 4:30pm - and depend on the your bank's  business hours. Before you send a payday advance application, please read the Terms and Conditions & the Privacy Policy very carefully.

Applying for Payday Advance Online with Simple Cash

Simple Cash complies with all  relevant  rules, regulations and acts. We continue to develop and speed up  our services to provide you the best customer experience and solution possible. While Simple Cash does everything electronically - Paperless Loan Operations, if you have any questions along your way you can contact Simple Cash  Customer Service to assist you (free of additional charges).

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