"My bank, which I ha've belonged to for over 20 years charges $50 to extend my credit $100 for less than 7 days. Far too much! I believe your service is a lot fairer than that and will certainly use it over the one offered by my bank."
DS 21/06/2011

"Had a big smile on my face when I saw the $100 in my account so quickly! I really appreciate your services. I will be sure to spread the word to my flat mates when I get home."
GK 5/07/2011

"I am very happy with your service and the speed I was able to access the funds. No long winding forms or lengthy processes. Thank you once again for helping me out when I needed it." 

"Thank you very much for your help and wonderful service in this matter, your people manner is greatly appreciated.Thank you very much for your help and wonderful service in this matter, your people manner is greatly appreciated."
DM 08/09/2016

"Hi there I have now made my full payment thank yous for being such an amazing team I recommend use to anyone yous are so calm and awesome people to those out there that struggle to pay there bills."
HM 4/08/0216

"I’ve found this company so easy to deal with and communication is really good and clear. And has bee a real help. Please pass this small feedback onto the relevant departments."
SM 19/04/2016




"Thankyou so much I really appreciate it so much thankyou."
CP 08/03/2017

"Many thanks for this help - it truly will assist us getting back onto our feet."
JW 07/03/2017

"Awesome cheers guys"
NP 23/02/2017

"Many thanks to Ferratum for the awesome IPad Air2 which I won and arrived yesterday It was a wonderful surprise and totally unexpected.   I will certainly enjoy using it and again  a huge thanks to the team!"
FS 09/02/2017

"Thankyou so much I really appreciate it so much thankyou"
TT 26/01/2017

"Thank you your staff have been awesome to deal with."
FW 5/01/2017

"Happy New Year to everyone & Thankyou very much for great service."
ER 31/12/2016

"Thank you so much!"
CM 7/12/2016

"Cool as thanking you!"
VT 18/11/2016

"Thank you for your patience and help as it is always greatly appreciated."
MT 7/11/2016

" I appreciate the hlp that you have provided."

"Thanks and appreciate your kind understanding."
NT 19/10/2016

"Thank you very much for your wonderful service."
BC 23/09/2016

"Thank you very much for your help and wonderful service in this matter, your people manner is greatly appreciated.Thank you very much for your help and wonderful service in this matter, your people manner is greatly appreciated."
DM 08/09/2016

"Hi there I have now made my full payment thank yous for being such an amazing team I recommend use to anyone yous are so calm and awesome people to those out there that struggle to pay there bills."
HM 4/08/0216

"Thank you for the great service.Easy and conveniant"
PD 1/08/2016

"Thank you for your help as we have been experiencing serious family sorrows."
VG 25/07/2016

"Thank you for being understanding"
PN 6/07/2016

"Thank you very much for the fast reponses it is greatly appreciated."
MF 27/06/2016

"Thank you for the support when I needed help."
OM 20/06/2016

"Thank you all so much for you kindness , you guys are always so amazing and understanding"
TT 20/05/2016

"From my family to the Ferratum Family.. THANK YOU."
MB 19/05/2016

"Thank you very much for your help :)"
LT 22/04/2016

"I’ve found this company so easy to deal with and communication is really good and clear. And has bee a real help. Please pass this small feedback onto the relevant departments."
SM 19/04/2016

"Thank you for the prompt service"
NM 24/03/2016

"Hi Ferratum Thank you for making this loan process very easy and hassle free."
OM 21/03/2016

"Thank you for your service, really appreciated!"
FA 25/02/2016

"Dear Ferratum, Just want to thank you for the excellent service and fantatstic Customer Service  Consultants on the phone."
TT 10/02/2016

"Thank you kindly for your help with this."
NM 26/01/2016

"Oh thank you very much. Totally appreciated. Have a great day."
SK 20/01/2016

"Thank you for your prompt reply"
WC 2/12/2015

"Thankful so much from the bottom of my heart"
VT 1/12/2015

"Thank you for your help"
TY 1/12/2015

"Thank you abundantly for your kindness and patience"
CR 27/11/2015

"I thank you again for your patience and understanding."
AQ 20/11/2015

"Special thankyou to the previous consultant I spoke to for the excellent service , understanding and assistance with this matter ."
TT 19/11/2015

"Awesome thank you for that"
SK 17/11/2015

"Thank you very much!! "
ND 17/11/2015

"Wonderful, thank you for doing that. "
GO 16/11/2015

"Thanks for your help!"
AH 13/11/2015

"Thanks for your help"
DM 12/11/2015

"Thank you for your support"
FA 10/11/2015

"Thanks for the prompt approval. "
RW 9/11/2015

"Thanks once again."
PS 9/11/2015

"Thanking you for all of your help so far"
LS 4/11/2015

"Fantastic. Thank you so much."
LI 3/11/2015

"Hello team at Ferratum. Many thanks for the loan."
JA 3/11/2015

"Thank you for your help"
AK 2/11/2015

"Thanks for your prompt and helpful reply.  "
JW 28/10/2015

"Thanking you for your time and help "
ZT 22/10/2015

"Thank you for your help."
TB 19/10/2015

"Thank you for your email - that's outstanding"
NB 19/10/2015

"Thank you for your help"
KR  16/10/2015

"Thank you... Appreciate your speedy response"
RJ 14/10/2015

"Thanks so much for the quick responses, Just super awesome!"
HH 14/10/2015

"Thanking you for your service."
TT 13/10/2015

"Thanks very much for your help...enjoy the rest of your day knowing your a star!"
PM 12/10/2015

"Thank you for the help you have given me so far, you guys have been more than awesome. "
TR 9/10/2015

"Thank you for your kind assistance"
KT  8/10/2015

"Thanks for your help."
BM 6/10/2015

"Thank you so much you literally have no idea how much this means right now."
JA 6/10/2015

"Thank you for your help"
AP 5/10/2015

"Thank you very much for the service "
GM 1/10/2015

"Thank you for all your help"
SF 30/09/2015

"We thank you all for all the help so far"
TE 30/09/2015

"Thank you for your consideration"
VH 29/09/2015

"Thank you, I really appreciate you accepting my loan "
AC 25/09/2015

"Thank you. I appreciate your assistance."
GDS 24/09/2015

"Thanks for your help Ferratum!"
SM 24/09/2015

"Thank you very much for your prompt response"
AKB 23/09/2015

"Thank you for your service"
DH 23/09/2015

"Thanks to your team"
RT 22/09/2015

"Many thanks again"
ST 22/09/2015

"Awesome! Thank you. "
HF 22/09/2015

"Thank you for the services that you have provided today "
SW 21/09/2015

"Thank you for your assistance."
IS 10/09/2015

"I appreciate all your help with this."
IV 9/09/2015

"Thank you for your email and approval of loan."
WH 9/09/2015

"Thanks for your understanding "
JH 3/09/2015

"Thank you for your fast reply"
AM 2/09/2015

"Thank you for your understanding. "
ML 1/09/2015

"Thank you for your consideration "
SM 28/08/2015

"Awesome thankyou so much you guys have been great. thankyou again :) "
MI 27/08/2015

"Thank you so much for your help that is way more "
AP 27/08/2015

"Thank you so much for your help"
PT 27/08/2015

"Thanks for the loan approved."
RK 27/08/2015

"Thank you for the loan"
KF 26/08/2015

"Thanks for your time and help."
NM 24/08/2015

"Thank you verry much ☺"
BT 18/08/2015

"Thank you for your help and support during this time"
LT 18/08/2015

"Thank you for the opportunity "
TH 17/08/2015

"Thank you for your promt response"
SP 13/08/2015

"Cool as. Thank you very much."
TW 13/08/2015

"Thank you for your prompt reply much appreciated"
MM 13/08/2015

"Thank you so much again"
LG 12/08/2015

"Thank you very much I appreciate your help over this stressful time "
CJ 11/08/2015

"I appreciate you getting back to me so quickly "
SE 11/08/2015

"I am very happy with your willingness to help and thank you very much for the offer"
GC 10/08/2015

"Thank you for your prompt reply"
GG 8/08/2015

"Thanks for the great service"
BA 8/08/2015

"Thank you for your responses and professionalism.  Greatly appreciated"
PP 7/08/2015

"Thank you for the prompt service"
ZM 6/08/2015

"Thank you for the quick response."
WW 05/08/2015

"Thanks very much for your help,"
KL 3/08/2015

"Thank you for you kind understanding"
CR 31/07/2015

"Thank you very much for your kind consideration. "
CB 29/07/2015

"Thanks heaps"
SC 29/07/2015

"Ohhh cool – thank you very much."
LD 28/07/2015

"Thank you again for your assistance "
VT 27/07/2015

"Thank you for your help"
TK 24/07/2015

"Thank you very much and I definitely understand use have helped me more then enough and I am extremely grateful. "
SO 24/07/2015

"would like to thank you for your help on my loan"
KP 22/07/2015

"Thank you for your consideration"
EA 18/07/2015

"Thank you for your efficient service."
LK 16/07/2015

"Thank you for your prompt services. "
TK 9/07/2015

"Thank you so much :)
KC 9/07/2015

"Thank you very much"
NT 7/07/2015

"Thank you for your help"
FF 3/07/2015

"Thank you very much :)"
TS 30/06/2015

"Thanks again for your understanding and help."
RR 26/06/2015

"Thank you for approving my application. Many thanks"
NT 25/06/2015

"Thank you so much, truly appreciate this..."
SH 24/06/2015

"Thank you for you help"
GS 22/06/2015

"Many thanks Ferratum! "
JK 22/06/2015

"Thank you very much for your help when I needed it."
ST 19/06/2015

"Cool thank you very much"
SA 18/06/2015

"Thanks very much for your help. "
KG 18/06/2015

"Thank you for processing my loan "
KH 17/06/2015

"Thank you very much, have a lovely day"
EG 17/06/2015

"I just want to say thank you for your great service. I was talking a young lady on the phone and she helped me a lot. :) "
SG 16/06/2015

"Thank you so very very very much"
KS 12/06/2015

"Thank you very much for your understanding - Thank you very much again"
SO 11/06/2015

"Thankyou so very much"
TM 9/06/2015

"Thanks so much"
KM 8/06/2015

"I'm happy with the loan. Thanks for your help. "
MR 5/06/2015

"Thank you for being so understanding "
EM 4/06/2015

"Thank you so much for considering my case. I really appreciate your service n the care and consideration you have taken. "
MW 3/06/2015

"Yes thank you so much"
IM 3/06/2015

"Thank you in advance for your assistance"
GF 3/06/2015

"Thank you for your services I appreciate it very much"
MT 02/06/2015

"Thank you for your understanding."
JA 29/05/2015

"Thank you so much for the fast and easy loan transfer."
MR 28/05/2015

"Thanks Heaps"
DM 24/05/2015

"Thank you very much for your help."
DK 22/05/2015

"Can't thank you enough for making an impossible situation easier to bear. You should be very proud of yourselves and I recommend your company highly."
BG 22/05/2015

"wow - as always thanks for your great quick response!"
LB 21/05/2015

"Thank you so much for the loan, it really did help when I was short."
TM 21/05/2015

"Really appreciate it guys thank you so much"
SK 21/05/2015

"Thanks for your wonderful promt service"
NE 20/05/2015

"Thank you and have a great rest of the day."
LB 19/05/2015

"I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance"
NN 17/05/2015

"Thanks for your help"
TH 14/05/2015

"Thank you so much for your help (in time of need)"
AM 13/05/2015

"Please note that I really appreciate this."
HW 13/05/2015

"Thank you for your help"
HR 12/05/2015

"Thank you heapsThank you heaps"
PT 12/05/2015

"Thank you very much for your fast and efficient service "
SO 11/05/2015

"Thank you that has helped me a lot"
MT 11/05/2015

"Thank you very much for that! Have a wonderful day"
RB 8/05/2015

"YES. THANK U THANK THANK ever so much"
RW 7/05/2015

"Thank you for the help "
JM 7/05/2015

"Thank you very much I have recommended Ferratum to family and friends."
LM 5/05/2015

"Thank you very much for your understanding."
EB 4/05/2015

"Thank you so much"
EK 28/04/2015

"Ferratum have been an excellent loan provider to me, and I want to maintain that relationship"
KF 25/04/2015

"Hello Ferratum, Thank you very much. enjoy the rest of your day."
PA 24/04/2015

"Thank you so much :) I really appreciate your help."
EW 24/04/2015

"Many thanks for your prompt service."
EM 23/04/2015

"Thank you for your kind assistance, very much appreciated "
MW 21/04/2015

"Thank you for approving my loan "
RF 16/04/2015

"Thanks for helping me out at a time of need….much appreciated"
MR 16/04/2015

"Lovely thank you for your help"
DI 13/04/2015

"Great thank you so much this helps so much."
HS 13/04/2015

"Thank you very much for your help"
FA 9/04/2015

"Thank you for your quick reply."
AP 7/04/2015

"Thank you so much for your patience with me and commend you for your exceptional service."
TC 7/04/2015

"awesome thank you so much :)"
HR 2/04/2015

"Great, thanks for that "
JS 1/04/2015

"Hello, Thank you for your promptness in renewing my loan."
JT 31/03/2015

"I just wanted to pass on my thanks to you and your team , They are always so helpful and patient when I ring and I love how fast the money goes thru after I Text ! great service Thank you =)"
TS 22/04/2015

"Thanks you so much for your support and understanding I really appreciate this."
KF 14/11/2014

"Thank you for your quick response."
GS 12/11/2014

"Thanks for all your support
RD 11/11/2014

"Thanks for your prompt reply"
JP 7/11/2014

"Thanks for your help!!!"
CH 6/11/2014

"Thankyou so much for the loan."
CG 5/11/2014

"Hi there Thank you for your help."
RI 31/10/2014

"Thanks again for your service"
MD 31/10/2014

"Thank you for ur assistance.  "
SH 31/10/2014

"Thank you for your consideration"
BA 30/10/2014

"Thank you for everything."
LB 29/10/2014

"Thanks again for help."
TT 28/10/2014

"Thank you for your help. "
HF 28/10/2014

"Thank you for your prompt assistance."
CH 25/10/2014

"Thank you so much for the loan "
CM 24/10/2014

"Thank you for understanding my situation"
NL 24/10/2014

"Thanks Team :)"
EN 22/10/2014

"Thankyou for your time and I will recommend you guys to family and friends, great service!"
LT 22/10/2014

"Thanks heaps"
RS 22/10/2014

"Once again thank you for all your help"
GB 21/10/2014

"Thank you very much I really appreciate it"
SO 15/10/2014

"Thanks heaps!"
EM 13/10/2014

"I thank you for your assistance "
JS 10/10/2014

"Thanks for your assistance."
TT 10/10/2014

"Thank you so much Appreciated all your help"
AB 9/10/2014

"Thanks for getting back to me so quickly"
TA 9/10/2014

"I appreciate it a lot and thanking you for your service"
CV 9/10/2014

"That would be wonderful please!  Set this up ASAP thank you so much "
PK 6/10/2014

"Thank you for approving my loan."
MW 6/10/2014

"Fantastic, thank you kindly."
LE 3/10/2014

"Thanks all good money is in my account! Thanks for quick friendly service!"
AH 2/10/2014

"Thank you for considering my application."
CR 30/09/2014

"many thanks for your assistance"
TK 29/09/2014

"Once again, thank you for your help."
EJ 23/09/2014

"Thank you for your service and help. "
MB 23/09/2014

"Thank you so much for your prompt replies."
MB 22/09/2014

"Thank you very much!!"
MH 19/09/2014

"I thank you for allowing me to loan off use much appreciated."
CJ R 19/09/2014

""Dear Ferratum. Thank you very much."
MM 17/09/2014

"Thankyou very much for the loan! "
HA 15/09/2014

"Thanks for the loan!"
KD 12/09/2014

"Thank you for your kindness!! have good day"
FM 9/09/2014

"Thankyou for your help, really appreciate it."
MT 5/09/2014

"Your service is awesome.Thanks"
BK 2/09/2014

"Hi there thanks for your help :) "
KN 2/09/2014

"Thank you sooo much, you've made my weekend"
KR 29/08/2014

"thanks again for the loan"
TH 28/08/2014

"thank you for your help"
CW 26/08/2014

"Ferratum, would like to thank you's for your kind offer which i had applyed for."
PD 26/08/2014

"That is great - thank you for that"
LD 25/08/2014

"Thanks for the fast approval of my loan application"
GS 25/08/2014

"Ferratum Customer Service, Thank you very much"
CT 19/08/2014

"thankyou for approving my loan that was fast and easy and i will definatley be using youre services again."
AR 15/08/2014

"Yes, thank you so very much, thank you :)"
FM 14/08/2014

"Hello there, thanks so much for helping me "
FM 13/08/2014

"Thank you kindly, you have no idea how hard it is to start again from nothing. Thank you so much."
TB 8/08/2014

"Thank you for your help."
KF 8/08/2014

"Kia Ora, Thank you so much, you don't know how much i appreciate your help."
MA 7/08/2014

"Thanks heaps!"
LK 4/08/2014

"Thank you for the previous loan you gave me. It really helped me buy what I needed to buy at that time without worrying. Your scheme of not having to pay anything extra as a first time borrower is really nice."
RZ 28/07/2014

"thank you very much for helping me out."
PR 24/07/2014

"Thank you for your service."
LB 23/07/2014

"Thank you for your prompt response."
LK 23/07/2014

"thanks very much that is very appreciated and kind of you"
CW 22/04/2014

"Thank you for your assistance."
CF 17/07/2014

"Thanks again for all your assistance"
CC 16/07/2014

"Thank you for your prompt reply and for the confirmation, most appreciated."
JTK 11/07/2014

"Thanks for all your assitance"
WW 9/07/2014

"Thank you for the swift action of my loan... many thanks this was quite urgent and Ferratum came to my rescue. "
EV 7/07/2014

"Thanks for everything, your help has been much appreciated."
FF 28/06/2014

"Thanks, much appreciated"
TI 23/06/2014

"Thank you for your time and consideration"
LM 23/06/2014

"Thank you very much fo helping me at the time that I need help."
FO 19/06/2014

"Thank you so much you are wonderful and understanding people we appreciate this immensely thankyou"
JB 18/06/2014

"Thank you Ferratum You were very helpful"
HM 11/06/2014

"Thank you for your fast response to my load application.  "
MM 9/06/2014

"Thanks very much for being so prompt with the loan – much appreciated."
JG 6/06/2014

"Thank you for your fast, friendly service and I will definitely recommend your company to family and friends."
JT 30/05/2014

"Thanks again Ferratum you rock!!!"
PM 30/05/2014

"Thank you for the speedy processing of my loan application"
PT 29/05/2014

"Thank you so much for your quick response to my loan application"
HL 29/05/2014

"Thank you so much for your lending hand once again. If you ever need some one to advertise how efficient, helpful and accommodating Ferratum is please do not hesitate to contact me. I would be your best advocate ever.Cheers and have a nice day."
RH 26/05/2014

"Hi there thank you for the loan "
DM 26/05/2014

"Thank you for the very speedy and efficient loan approval.  "
CF 21/05/2014

"Thanks for your help :)"
LB 21/05/2014

"Thankyou for approving my loan this morning."
SM 20/05/2014

"I will use your services in the future should the need arise , Once again thank you."
CR 19/05/2014

"Thank you for granting my small loan "
LM 16/05/2014

"Thank you for the opportunity to gain a loan with your "
TR 16/05/2014

"Thank you very much for your help and assistance."
KM 15/05/2014

"Hello thank you so much for your help "
AH 14/05/2014

"Thank you so much for your help...."
BM 14/05/2014

"Thank you for letting me have this opportunity. Very much appreciated and hope you guys have a lovely day."
TE 12/05/2014

"Thank you for your assistance in this regard."
BR 8/05/2014

"Thank you so much for your assistance."
RR 8/05/2014

"Thank you for this opportunity to fix my credit."
JA 7/05/2014

"Hi there thank you for approving that loan"
SF 2/05/2014

"Thank you Ferratum for being there in my time of need."
LT 2/05/2014

"Thank you for considering my application I appreciate your assistance"
FT 29/04/2014

"Thank you for taking the time to approve my loan"
FR 24/04/2014

"Thank you so so so much"
AC 23/04/2014

"Thank you for your help today."
NV 23/04/2014

"Thank you very much for the quick response - much appreciated."
LB 22/04/2014

"Once again thank you very much for your help much appreciate that."
PS 9/04/2014

"Thank you for the loan"
AS 7/04/2014

"Thank you – this loan was a life saver"
TP 4/04/2014

"Thank you very much for the loan "
LW 4/04/2014

"Thank you Ferratum for your assistance, promptness and efficiency in my time of need."
LT 3/04/2014

"Thank you for your prompt reaponse "
RH 3/04/2014

"Thank you for your help."
AM 1/04/2014

"Thank you for accepting my loan"
LT 31/03/2014

"Thank you for your approval"
MV 31/03/2014

"Many thanks for the approval of my loan"
GT 28/03/2014

"Thank you all at ferratum"
KV 28/03/2014

"Thank you very much for that"
RK 24/03/2014

"Thank you so much! Your understanding is much appreciated."
FL 19/03/2014

"Have been thru a rough patch lately and you're being awesome to deal with"
HJ 18/03/2014

"Thank you for making the loan application process straight forward and efficient"
GC 17/03/2014

"Thank you very much"
MP 17/03/2014

"Thank your for all your help "
KO 10/03/2014

"Thankyou so much for appoving my loan"
DN 3/03/2014

"Thank you for your prompt response"
GK 25/02/2014

"Thank you again for your support"
BM 21/02/2014

"Thank you for your service."
SM 18/02/2014

"Thank you once again for making life a little easier over the past week"
DM 12/02/2014

"Thank you very much "
ST 11/02/2014

"Thank you for your services."
AR 5/02/2014

"Thanks for you help."
LQ 4/02/2014

"Thank you very much for that! I appreciate it"
JB 4/02/2014

"Thank you so much for your kind assistance."
LR 31/01/2014

"Thank you for your customer service"
IK 6/01/2014

"Thank you for your consideration of my application."
SS 18/12/2013

"Thank you for your efficient and professional service in processing my loan application"
AM 12/12/2013

"Thank you very much for a great experience of customer service and very efficient service. Will definitely spread the word to family, friends and colleagues."
IF 11/12/2013

"Thank you so much for your help"
MP 10/12/2013

"Many thanks for your all your help and thank you again "
LT 7/12/2013

"Thank you for your quick response."
JT 3/12/2013

"Thank you for your assistance, prompt service and response. "
CM 2/12/2013

"Thank You for your customer service and looking myself and the whole of New Zealand."
GA 28/11/2013

"Thank you very much , Thank you !  much appreciated for your consideration "
MA 27/11/2013

"Thank you so much i do appreicate it"
CS 26/11/2013

"Thank you for your kind assistance"
IS 25/11/2013

"Thank you very much for your service."
DA 18/11/2013

"Thank you for all you have done"
ET 14/11/2013

"Thank you for your excellent service"
KK 13/11/2013

"Thank you for your quick response"
KK 12/11/2013

"Thanks for the loan"
AS 9/11/2013

"Thank you very much"
BB 8/11/2013

"Thank you for the great services"
SA 4/11/2013

"Thank you very much Ferratum"
EP 29/10/2013

"Thank you for your service"
CS 25/10/2013

"The application process for ferratum is quick and easy and they have always helped me out when need. Many thanks"
WS 24/10/2013

"Many people get a bit scared of payday loan lenders and before I started using Ferratum, I was very much the same.  Not anymore.  The team at Ferratum are very friendly, professional and prompt.  This is why I continue to use their service and highly recommend them to others who are in need of a short-term loan.  A big thank you to the team at Ferratum.  Keep up the great job guys!"
AP 24/10/2013

"Thank you once  again , Ill will refereed you to some one else next week"
FA 18/10/2013

"Thank you for helping out!"
HP 16/10/2013

"Thank you very much for helping me with the short term loan."
AB 15/10/2013

"Hi Team,
Thank-you once again for your excellent service and also the phone call.
I really appreciated that follow-up and clarification.
I have been a long standing customer of Ferratum and your prompt service
and efficiency has been a pleasure over the years.
Have a great day & weekend.
Many thanks"
JC 20/09/2013

"Thanks for good service."
SP 19/09/2013

"Thank you so much I really really appreciate it."
EW 16/09/2013

"Many thanks for your help"
JY 3/09/2013

"Hi Ferratum Team,
I cannot believe that quick that was??? I am impressed by your service. I cannot recall sending you a whole lot of 
documents, wasting time & waiting for your reply. All I did was "ASK". I will definitely share this with my family 
and friends. You guys are amazingly awesome. Service was so easy and I am very happy:) There is no other company
as great as Ferratum:)
Thank you so much Team
Keep up the good work.
LS 20/08/2013

"Thank you for your help."
HW 15/08/2013

"I have recommended 53 employed family members to the Ferratum My Page already.
Feed-back was awesome I'm sure they will follow-up
Last but not least, Thank You for the much needed loan."
T-TL 14/08/2013

"Thank you Ferratum!"
OP 8/08/2013

"Thanks Ferratum. ur the best."
DH 29/07/2013

"Many thanks for your help"
AS 19/07/2013

"Thank you for being a great loan company"
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Great Stuff"
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A while ago i was skeptical about getting a loan due to my ex girlfriend ruining my Credit rating.
I Believed that it would be very hard to get anything.
Since applying with Ferratum i have since been approved and approved several times.
I must say thank you to you all and thanks for giving me a chance to prove myself.
I enjoy the simplicity of the loan process and i am sure to come back again and again
Thanks Again"
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Your service is just exceptional, unlike any other companies that offer the similar service there is a long wait time, so many documents required, interest rate is so high. 
but with Ferratum , the communication is extremly efficient and having the money the same day is unbelievable.
so thanks for a great service and highly recomended"
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JS 10/08/2011

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GK 5/07/2011